Dr. Sue Clifton

Dr. Sue Clifton was born in the middle of Interstate Highway 55, northbound, in the fast lane. Her life began in the fast lane and she's been speeding in everything she's thought and done since. However, at the time she was born, the spot where I-55 would later dissect her life was nothing more than a ram-shackled, brick-siding house with no indoor plumbing in rural north Mississippi. By the time Dr. Sue entered first grade, her family had progressed with indoor plumbing and a new invention called a television that had a small round screen. She sat in front of the box each afternoon mesmerized by Howdy Doody and Pinky Lee who was not in pink but black and white.

Though the economics were the same for all the children at school, Dr. Sue Clifton was not like other little girls. She climbed gullies, wore cowboy boots with her dresses to school, and wrote her own series of Nancy Drew type mysteries by the time she was in fourth grade. Her passion was writing, and at sixteen, she had two plays published by Progressive Farmer Magazine, the only magazine she knew anything about.

As an adult, Dr. Sue's passion for writing was put on hold while she pursued a new passion, education. After receiving several degrees in education, she worked as a teacher and administrator in Canada, New Zealand, and on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana but spent most of her years as a principal in Mississippi and Alaska.

After retiring from the field of education, Dr. Sue Clifton set to work on her neglected passion and won many first place awards at writers’ conferences. In 2009, she fulfilled the last of the three lifelong goals she had set for herself when THE HAWK AND THE DEER, the first of three novels she had written, was published. The unique places where Dr. Sue has lived have provided rich background for the characters created in her novels.

Now retired, Dr. Sue Clifton lives in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Montana and is able to write full time, except for the time she spends traveling, hiking, and fly fishing with her husband Woody and their grandchildren. Another of her favorite pastimes is ghost hunting, and she travels all over the country conducting paranormal investigations at haunted locations. With the success of her first effort at nonfiction and her close relationship with Angel Leigh (Sara Dulaney Pugh), Dr. Sue and Sara hold events all over the South and will branch out to upper state New York in the spring. THROUGH THE EYES OF ANGEL LEIGH, Book II, is in progress, as well as WINGS ON MOUNTAIN BREEZES, the last book in the “Daughters of Parrish Oaks Series.”

Note: Dr. Sue Clifton and Sara Dulaney Pugh can be seen in A & E’s series CURSED: THE BELL WITCH.