Sue and Nyoka

Dr. Sue Clifton and sister Nyoka Beer

Sue and Nyoka with Sue’s 1952 Chevy truck that Sue bought for future ghost-hunting trips. When she emailed pictures of it from Montana to her sister, Nyoka’s reply was “Does it have air conditioning…and brakes? Help me, Jesus!”

True Sister Act

Dr. Sue Clifton and Nyoka Beer are a true sister act as co-authors of THE BREATH OF SPANISH OAKS. The sisters have combined their interests, Sue’s in writing and Nyoka’s in research and cooking, as well as a joint interest in ghost hunting, and have penned their first in a series of published paranormal mysteries.

When researching THE BREATH OF SPANISH OAKS, Sue and Nyoka toured many antebellum mansions in Mississippi including Waverly Mansion in West Point and several in Natchez. But their favorite paranormal hotspot was The Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, a Victorian hotel built in 1890.

Writing the paranormal series has also necessitated many sisterly ghost-hunting trips through the West including an excursion to Chico Hot Springs, Montana where the sisters were able to “summon” the spirit of Percy, the original owner of the historic hotel. Trips out west always include the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, the most haunted hotel in the U.S. On their first trip to the Stanley, Nyoka and Sue ran into Jason and Grant, the Ghost Hunters from the popular TV show. One summer the sisters took a side trip to Rocky Bar, a ghost town high in the mountains of Idaho. The local summer resident, a friendly guy with long white hair and beard, gave them a private tour behind “No Trespassing” signs. Haunting music often cuts through the summer mountain silence from the town’s dance hall.

The traveling sisterhood has no end in sight and the sisters are planning more research trips. Their next paranormal mystery will be set in a ghost town out West. Readers are sure to experience more than haunting saloon music as murders from the past and present are solved through the paranormal and psychic gifts of characters Cayce McCallister and her sister, Harri Wellington.